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Project Summary
A RoundCube plugin for interacting with hMailServer from version 5.4B1950.

The plugin allows to configure vacation configuration of hMailServer from RoundCube.


Required plugins:
  • jqueryui


This plugin directly access the hMailServerDatabase using direct SQL or the DCOM server.

Tested on :


As the plugin makes direct update on the database, if you use a greater version of hMailSever (for example 5.6), you should read about Caching


You should have to update PHPWebAdmin by editing include/functions.php as follows:

function PreprocessOutput($outputString)
//return htmlspecialchars($outputString);
return htmlspecialchars($outputString, ENT_COMPAT | ENT_HTML401, 'ISO-8859-1');

Why another plugin for hMailServer ?
  • for training
  • because the existing one are, imho, too obfuscated.

Why not DCOM ?
  • I really dislike COM/DCOM
  • I imagine RoundCube being hosted far from hMailServer

But... the plugin is now supporting COM/DCOM
Please read about COM/DCOM permissions

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